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Aubenhausen Academy

Across the different Dressage Masterclasses, we’ll show you how we playfully work on concrete movements and issues with a variety of horses. To create true expression, lightness, and confidence, we want to win our horses over and instill a sense of joy for our work together. This means to meet every horse exactly where he or she is. You’ll get real insights into our work and lots of tips for the training with your own horses.

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Travers und Traversale

Travers & the Half Pass

In essence, the half pass is travers ridden on a diagonal line. It should be supple and have impulsion with both front and hind legs over well, thereby promoting the mobility of the shoulder and hip joints.

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Flying Changes

We first begin to introduce the flying changes playfully, and only over time do we work on improving the quality. That’s how we produce relaxed, clean, forward, uphill, and straight flying changes.

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The Canter Pirouette

The canter pirouette is a crown jewel among the upper-level movements. This exercise improves coordination and carrying power. The horse learns to bend his haunches and carry more weight behind, allowing him to elevate the forehand.

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The shoulder-in is one of the key movements in dressage. It helps to develop flexion, bend and collection. It improves the mobility of the shoulder and serves as optimal preparation for other dressage movements such as pirouettes and half-passes.

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The effective Warm-Up

The foundation of successful training is an effective warm-up. This is where we build a connection with our horses and prepare them physically and mentally in order to get the most out of our dressage training.

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