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reLIVE – Creating correct contact

This LIVE event is all about how to create a good contact. It’s a dynamic process and will look different depending on the level of training of your horse. Also, the contact will be different at the beginning of a training session while warming up as opposed to the contact during collected work. We’ll share our training philosophy as we demonstrate our work with horses of different ages and training levels: From youngster to Grand Prix horse, from stretching forward to elevated self-carriage.

Special Guest: Bit Expert Heiko Schmidt-Sentek

Every horse and every horse’s mouth is different. To make sure your horse trusts the bit and the rider’s hand, well-fitted equipment is important. Bit expert Heiko Schmidt-Sentek regularly checks our horses, to fit the optimal bit for each horse. Learn how to check your own equipment to make sure the bit you use is well suited to your horse’s mouth and your current training goals.

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