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reLIVE - Our Journey to the Piaffe

The focus of this Aubenhausen LIVE event was the piaffe and how we train it – from the first steps in-hand all the way to Dalera’s Olympic Freestyle piaffe. With this video, we’ll take you behind the scenes at our training yard in Aubenhausen. Like no other dressage movement, the piaffe trains and gymnastisizes the whole horse. And like everything in dressage, the piaffe is not an end in itself, but a way to improve collection, balance and self-carriage. It’s a great movement to build muscles and to keep your horse fit and healthy. In the end, the piaffe should look easy, light and proud. For this, it’s essential that the horses truly understand the aids, and that they have enough strength so that the training feels easy to them. That takes time. Our training principle is: Start young and then take a lot of time. That’s why we playfully start the in-hand work with our 5-year-olds and then develop the piaffe from there, step by step over the years.


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