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Start with our 12-week programme

and take your rider fitness to the next level

DressurFit® is the only 12-week programme specifically designed for riders with individual fitness tests and personalised corrective exercises to optimise your training at home. You will receive your personal DressurFit® profile to train effectively and track your personal progress.

Specific for Riders

Achieve better posture and alignment in the saddle through functional training. All our workouts and exercises have been developed specifically for horse riders, so that positive results will be felt in the saddle within a short period of time – no matter whether you’re a professional rider or happy hacker.

Personalised training

Taking our fitness tests for riders enables you to track your progress and allows us to customise your training plan and provide you with ‘homework’ exercises specific to your needs. Thus, you can directly target any muscular imbalances or side differences you may have to effectively improve your riding.

DressurFit® Online Gym

Following the 12-week programme, you automatically receive access to our entire DressurFit® Online Gym where you can pick workouts and yoga videos to create your own training plan. In addition, you can up your game with DressurFit® Advanced, to receive new, personalised homework exercises.

DressurFit® Re-Entry

Have you been a Member in the past? As a previous Member you can re-join the DressurFit® programme at any time on a flexible monthly payment scheme for only 12€ a month. Receive full access to the DressurFit® programme and all the latest video additions, start new fitness tests and take your riding to the next level.

Why DressurFit®?

… it’s all about the rider

Often it is the rider who prevents their horse from developing its full potential and not the other way around. We invest a lot of time and money to help improve our riding and to continually train our horses. But if we as riders don’t also work on our own fitness, then there will always be the possibility that certain underlying issues prevent us from seeing the very best that our horses have to give.

Be as fit as you expect your horse to be.

The 12-week programme

motivating workouts & homework exercises

Fitness Tests

Every four weeks, we will ask you to take our fitness test specifically designed for riders. The tests allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as any imbalances you may have and help us personalise your training programme.

DressurFit diagram


Based on our test results, you will receive two new corrective exercises every week – your personal homework. To optimise your training, try to do these two exercises every day. This only takes approx. 5 minutes and will make a huge difference.



Functional fitness training for riders improves your mobility, balance and stability in the saddle and allows you to create that deep and quiet seat for dressage. And the best news is: You can achieve this with only three 15-20 minute workouts per week.

Your trainers

Marcel Andrä:

Your professional sports scientist and performance fitness coach. An avid sportsman himself with competitive experience, his work combines aspects of sports medicine, science and psychology. He is also a successfull book author. Marcel has supervised the Aubenhausen team for many years – helping to create and manage the athletic condition necessary to optimise the performance of the riders in the team.

Jessica & Benjamin:

The brother-sister winning partnership in dressage. Winners of the World-Cup in Aachen, as well as team Gold at the World Equestrian Games. Despite the success, the both of them are continously motivated to improve – to better their seat, to develop even finer aids – so as to support each of their horses in the best possible way. Their motto: “Be as fit, as you expect your horse to be.”

Track your training progress

Our DressurFit® fitness test series for the 12-week programme was developed specifically for horse riders by Marcel Andrä. The test allows you to identify your individual strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. As well as providing you with your personal training plan, you can also regulary check your training progress.

  • Personalised fitness profile
  • Effective training
  • Optimised results
DressurFit Training Plan
DressurFit equipment, power package, roll


that helps you achieve your goals

To help you achieve optimal results in only a short period of time, we recommend that you use our favourite fitness equipment. If you already own similar equipment, simply use that. Alternatively, you can purchase all our DressurFit® branded equipment in our online shop.

  • Train more effectively
  • Intensify your exercises
  • Vary your training

Start today

Your 12-week programme

180,-€ for 6 months
incl. VAT

  • one off payment for six months full access
  • includes 12-week-programme & additional online gym
  • after 6 months, extend for only 12€ per month

What you get

– personalised content

  • Fitness-Tests focused on the rider’s needs
  • Personalised corrective exercises
  • Workouts, Yoga & functional training
  • Direct contact to our DressurFit® Support Team


about the programme

Simple! Register online by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button at the top of the page. For privacy reasons, it is important that you confirm your email address. When you register for the first time, you will receive an email from us with a confirmation link for your website registration. Once you have confirmed the link, you can pay for the 12-week programme via PayPal, credit card or SEPA direct debit. You can then get started straight away!

Equipment is optional:
For some exercises, we recommend the use of certain pieces of equipment so that you can train as effectively as possible. This is the BLACKROLL®, the BLACKROLL® Ball and the elastic Powerbands in different strengths. If you already own similar equipment, feel free to use that for your training. All DressurFit® equipment can also easily be purchased in our DressurFit® online shop.

For Level 1 of the 12-week programme, you will get three 15-20 minute workouts that we suggest you do each week. It doesn’t matter, if you train in the morning or the evening, just remember that the most effective way to train is at the time of day when you are feeling fit, ready and energised. You just need to figure out what works best for you.

After week four, Level 2 of the programme will automatically be unlocked, and you will get access to three new workouts. After a further four more weeks, Level 3 is unlocked, and another three workouts a week will be available to you.

Of course, should you choose, you can exercise more than three times a week, but try and plan at least one day a week for rest and regeneration. If you can’t manage your three workouts a week, then that’s no problem. Do what you can and at your own pace – one or two workouts a week is better than nothing.

You can do your first DressurFit® test for free. The test has been specifically designed for riders and shows in simple terms, your strengths, weaknesses and any left-right imbalances that you may have. As a member, you also get Homework exercises tailored to you and your test results. These are short, corrective exercises that help improve any weaknesses that you may have. You can do your Homework on a daily basis. This will only take you approximately 5 minutes every day.

Four weeks after undertaking your first test, a second test will be unlocked for you. Four weeks after that – a third test is made available, and four weeks after that, a fourth test. With each test, you can review and re-assess your progress made and you will receive new and revised Homework exercises.

The Homework exercises are short, corrective exercises – each of which take no more than 2-5 minutes to carry out, and that can be done each day at a time that works best for you. Members will receive two Homework exercises per week immediately after taking the test.

Our body only works as well as its weakest part. Overall improvements in your fitness can be optimised by specifically focusing on your personal weaknesses and imbalances. You will achieve better body alignment in the saddle and become more equal and balanced on your left and your right side.

You will be amazed how fast improvements can be felt in the saddle. Most of our members see great progress when they take the second test after only four weeks.

Of course! The 12-week programme is made up of Level 1, 2 and 3 – each of which has been designed to work further upon the fitness developments gained in the previous level. We are confident that with each new level, you will see significant progress and results with your riding fitness.

All exercises and workouts have been designed to allow you to perform them at a level that is good for you and at a level that matches your current abilities. Variations on each exercise are often explained, making them either a little bit easier or a little bit more challenging. You might find some of the exercises too difficult in the beginning… but stick with it! They will soon become easier. For those who want more of a challenge, try to increase the number and intensity of the workouts that you perform each week.

Remember: listen to what your body tells you, and train at a time of day when you are feeling fit, ready and energised. If you have any questions or if you need further advice, then contact our support team including in-house sports scientist and trainer Marcel Andrä at [email protected]

Your aim should be to try to complete the programme in 12 weeks.

We understand however that work, family and everyday life often get in the way of finding the time to get fit for dressage. That’s why we give you a total of 6 months access to complete your programme. If you need to take a break or interrupt your training, just start again where you last left off.

Stay flexible and workout how you want, when you want.

Joining DressurFit® gives you 6 months full membership and access to all content. This gives you more than enough time to complete the programme and then continue your training further!

Your aim should be to try to complete the programme within our recommended 12 weeks, but don’t worry if you don’t achieve this. Train at your own pace until you finish the programme and then continue to get access to the entire DressurFit® Online Gym. Repeat workouts and specific exercises, or check out any of the new additional workouts, yoga routines and other tips and tricks that we prepare for you. Take the chance to further focus your training on a particular aspect, raise the difficulty level or put together your own training plan.

After the 6 months, your membership will automatically continue for only 12€ a month. This allows you to keep access to the programme, start a whole new, advanced DressurFit®-Test series and receive new Homework and new training videos for only 12 Euros a month. You can easily cancel your membership online at any time or re-join at a later stage.

Our online support team together with performance coach Marcel Andrä will be there for you every step of the way!

If you don’t know what something means, or if you have any questions about your workouts or your personal Homework, just email us on [email protected].

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