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Become the rider your horse expects you to be

Olympic hopefuls Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl – the brother-sister winning partnership in dressage. They’re World Cup winners, hugely successful at the World Equestrian Games as well as the European and German Championships. Despite this immense success, both Jessica and Benjamin remain highly motivated to continuously work on improving themselves and the partnership with their horses. They believe strongly in the ‘bigger picture’ – introducing a holistic approach to improve the physical and mental fitness of both rider and horse.

Jessica next to a horse

The perfect gift!

our Aubenhausen Club Gift Card

Our Gift Cards are redeemable on the DressurFit® Membership; any of the Aubenhausen Academy training modules as well as any of our online shop products.

  • Different Gift Card values available
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  • Redeemable on memberships and products
Aubenhausen Club Geschenkkarte 50€

Our success stories

This is what our members have to say!

After taking a long break from riding due to the birth of my child, I found it not so easy to get back to a good level of riding. This has changed since I have started with DressurFit. I can train at home without the need of a babysitter and the workouts are short enough so I can easily integrate them into my everyday life. I found my perfect training programme with DressurFit!

This is a really great programme for any rider! I’m actually a show jumper, but I regularly include flat work in my horses’ training plan to get them supple and responding to my aids. So I thought that I would just give this a go. And I must admit that my seat has improved a lot and I can feel that I have become a lot more flexible. I definitely recommend this programme not just for dressage riders.

I finished the programme a while ago now, but I’ve continued as a Club-Member, because it really makes such a difference to my riding! I didn’t expect that when I first started. It’s crazy how quickly you see the improvements. The Homework exercises in particular are an absolute winner. Amazing!

After just two weeks, I noticed already that I sit much deeper in the saddle, that my hands are more stable and the contact has become a lot better. This was my biggest problem after transitioning from riding ponies to horses. Thanks to the DressurFit exercises, I can now control my seat a lot better and sit the bigger movements of my horse better. Thank you very much!

I’ve started with DressurFit when the programme was first launched and I’m still a member now. My seat and my riding really has improved so much – I have a lot more core strength and better balance. I feel my horse a lot better and I’m so pleased with the progress we have made together. I’m so excited to see where this will take us in the future.

The program is perfect for any rider who wants to advance themselves and their horse. I’m really enjoying the workouts and especially the personalised homework exercises – really good!

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