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How to get motivated to work out?

“People often ask me how they can overcome that lack of motivation when it comes to working out. The answer: stay focused and ‘on the ball’. It is no use having the very best fitness plan, if you only train once a month! Reaching that end goal is only achieved through consistency and continuity. Of course, we often have great reasons why we can’t train and maintain the level of continuity needed. I often hear people say: I’ve been too busy, I just couldn’t get organised, I can’t find the time in my day…

The most important thing to remember is to maintain a healthy level of balance in your training. Every day is different. You cannot expect to go from absolute beginner to full professional overnight – it just won’t happen! Listen to your body. Alter the intensity of the training to match your current state of mind and body. Fitness, exercise, training should not be a negative experience.

When I start to work together with a client as their fitness coach, I pose the one, same question to them at least five times. The question is simply, ‘why’?

For example, why do you want to get fit? Or why do you want to lose weight? My experience with my clients has shown that the gap before answering, gets longer and longer each time I pose the question. They start to really think about their end goal and start to look deeper into why it is they want to train. At some point of this ‘self-analysis’ they reach the core of the matter – the real reason ‘why’. I don’t need to hear the final answer. This can sometimes get quite personal. They know the answer and can write it down, just for themselves. The point is, that at the end of this process, you have defined a goal – an emotional goal – your personal goal.

So, when it gets tough at any point of your training and you are in need of a little motivation, remember your answer to that fifth ‘why’ to keep your motivation going!”



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