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In the Here & Now

12. April 2024

In our everyday lives, we are flooded with stimuli. Our mind is full of thoughts, to-do lists, and schedules. That makes it difficult to solely focus on one thing. When showing your horse, the situation is a bit different, but the problem is often the same: a lack of focus. The expectations we set for ourselves and the expectations of…

Trust Yourself

11. August 2023

Every single one of us has been at a point of self-doubt – because we were stuck somewhere in the training of our horse; we didn’t jump the course as well as planned, or our dressage test was anything but brilliant. “All of us have self-doubt, and I’ve learned that that’s okay,” emphasizes Olympic champion and winner of the CHIO…


Mental Strength in the Test

30. August 2022

“My first world championships – together with Team Germany aspiring to meet the expectations – that’s a whole new level of challenge. I think in some way, everyone has felt that way who has prepared for a certain situation for a long time that’s important to you: where your delivery has to be on point, where you want to show…

Success Through Visualization

21. February 2022

It takes more than physical skill to be successful. The capacity to produce top performances at exactly the right moment and to think clearly under pressure is essential. Mental training helps to increase awareness of your actions, and to stabilize and strengthen on a physical, emotional, and mental level. It addresses your own conviction of your ability to master challenges.…

Aubenhausen Club Blog

If you think you can’t do it …

1. December 2021

take a few minutes ... think about your abilities ... focus on something positive. In any situation, you can find something positive or something you can change or learn from. Henry Ford once said: „Whether you believe that you can do something or not – you are right.“ In other words, if you think that you will fail, that you…

Aubenhausen Club Blog

Keep your bucket full! How to recharge your batteries.

6. November 2021

To achieve your goals and to better cope with your life’s challenges, you need energy. Your „batteries“ do not necessarily always have to be fully charged, but we need them at a good level to perform. So it makes sense to invest some time into finding out what helps you personally to recharge your batteries and gain more energy. Energy…

Six principles of successful sportspeople

What do successful athletes do differently? How much of it is talent? What external factors are involved and how important is the correct mindset for success? Leading experts and coaches around the world repeatedly come to the same conclusions on these questions: personal success depends on a huge extend on ourselves. And that’s great news, if you think about it!…

Negative Erfahrungen loslassen

Letting go of negative experiences

3. October 2020

We all experience negative situations, failures or disappointments in our lives – some more difficult to deal with than others. Horse riding is no exception. Bad scores at a show, any incident of falling off or getting hurt or people talking behind your back are just a few examples, that may leave you feeling scared or angry. And sometimes these…

Flexibel und entspannt bleiben

What to do, if things don’t go as planned?

2. September 2020

Being organised and having a plan in mind is important – especially when it comes to training horses and competing at shows. At the same time, you can most certainly expect that not everything will go exactly as planned. There will always be unexpected situations or setbacks and disappointments. That’s simply part of the learning process. When an unplanned situation…

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