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Flying Changes

From the First Attempts to Preparing for the Tempi Changes
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Flying changes are a natural movement that nearly all horses perform on their own in the field. Yet for many riders, they can represent a significant training challenge. At Aubenhausen, we start rather early by introducing playful opportunities to swap leads but then take the more time to work on developing and perfecting the flying change. In our experience, this is the most logical training path for the horses which allows them to stay relaxed and motivated throughout the process. In this module, we will show you how we progress from the first attempts to preparing for tempi changes, and how we continue to develop and improve the changes over the course of the training. With several different horses, we will explain in detail which exercises and preparations are particularly effective, and how we deal with common training challenges.

You can download the training tips for each video as a PDF or save them to your smartphone so that it’s easy to reference them at the barn before your rides. The reflection portion for each video will help you analyze your own training, set priorities, and write down your questions for the next live Q&A with Jessica and Benjamin.

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