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Online Masterclass: Flying Changes


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Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is often admired by other professional riders for her harmonious flying changes. In this online course, you will learn how we prepare and train the flying changes in a logical way.


In this online course, we will show you with different horses how we develop the flying changes – from the very first attempts to confirmed tempi changes. No matter whether you and your horse have never done a flying change, or whether you experience challenges when training the flying changes such as your horse doing the change in two beats or storming off after the change. With this course, you will get the tools you need to teach your horse the flying change in a very easy and logical way.

The more logically and comprehensibly we explain the movement to our horses, the more relaxed and motivated they are. In the end, we want our horses to do the flying change with ease and in response to the finest aids – in rhythm, straight and uphill.

What you'll get
  • Over 60 minutes of video footage
  • Real training videos – from Youngster to Grand Prix
  • Extra course material, our favorite exercises & mental images as pdf files
  • Reflection sheets to analyse your own training
  • Tips and solutions for challenging training situations
Lifelong access

You’ll get lifelong access to the videos, training materials, and reflection questionnaires, so that you can keep coming back to them to improve and re-assess your training. After purchase, the online masterclass will automatically appear on your dashboard.

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