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One of the key movements in dressage
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The shoulder-in is one of the key movements in dressage. It helps to develop flexion, bend, collection and it improves the mobility of the shoulder. If we can control the shoulders of our horses, we can straighten them and start other advanced movements like half-passes and pirouettes correctly. The shoulder-in is also essential for basic dressage work, where it can help improve the natural crookedness of the horse, the reaction to the leg aids as well as the rein contact.

You can download the exercises and training tips from the videos as a PDF and save it in your smartphone, so you have the information handy when you go to the barn. The reflection worksheets that come with the videos help you analyse your own training, identify key points to focus on in your own training and encourage you to write down questions for the next personal online coaching webinar with Jessica and Benjamin.

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