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The Canter Pirouette

From the First Attempts to Collect the Canter to the Perfect Pirouette
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The canter pirouette is a crown jewel among the upper-level movements. As are all dressage exercises, it is not an end in itself but rather a means of improving coordination and carrying power. The horse elevates the forehand and appears noble. When training, we divide the pirouette into its separate components. That way, even a young horse can playfully begin to develop collection in the canter as well as longitudinal bend. In this masterclass, we will show you step by step how we close in on the pirouette as we train different horses – from youngster to Grand Prix horse. This includes creating the ideal training conditions for the horse to eventually be able to perform the canter pirouette with lightness, elegance, and expression.

You can download the exercises and training tips from the videos as a PDF or save it in your smartphone and have it handy when you go to the barn. The reflections will help you analyze your own training, define areas of focus, and write down questions for the next Live Q&A with Jessica and Benjamin.

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