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Flexibel und entspannt bleiben

What to do, if things don’t go as planned?

Being organised and having a plan in mind is important – especially when it comes to training horses and competing at shows. At the same time, you can most certainly expect that not everything will go exactly as planned. There will always be unexpected situations or setbacks and disappointments. That’s simply part of the learning process.

When an unplanned situation occurs, the most important thing is: Keep cool! That’s not always easy, but especially when working with horses, stressing and panicking doesn’t get you anywhere. Ask yourself: Can I currently change anything about my situation? If yes: Change it. If not, accept the situation as it is and concentrate on the things you can change. If things don’t work out the way you want them to, it often helps to acknowledge your emotions and allow yourself to have them. Talking to a friend or trainer you trust can help. However, make sure you don’t go around in circles or get stuck in self-pity. Sleep over it and move on! It sounds obvious, but life goes on and most disappointments and setbacks don’t look that bad after a few days. Look forward, make a new plan: „Get up, dress your crown and go on“.

Ideally, you will able to see a setback as an opportunity to learn something and to progress. Setbacks can be positive challenges, if you accept them as such. There is always more than one way to get to your final goal. Be patient and realistic! Here is how Jessica and Benjamin deal with unforeseen situations when training their horses at home or at competitions.


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