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Dream or reality – where do you want to be in three years?

Having dreams is important. They inspire our thoughts, motivate us, stimulate the spirit and are simply good for us. A dream drives us to set goals and to tackle challenges. It fuels our creativity and fantasy. But we get stuck, if we dwell on it. Dreams are important, but just as important is the awareness that dreams don’t just come true by themselves. Making dreams come true implies work, effort, sometimes involves us being scared and nearly always requires us to take some uncomfortable steps. In the dictionary, dreams are described as wishful and unrealistic thinking on the one hand, but also as imagination. We like to think of dreams as the ability to imagine your goals, while being realistic and up for tackling any challenges that may present themselves.

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What kind of person you will be in three years depends on different factors. The books you have read, the podcasts you’ve listened to, the people you have spent most of your time with, the foods you’ve eaten, the day-to-day routines you establish, the conversations you have and the decision to stay fit – all of that will shape who you will be. Your life will be influenced by how well you look after yourself – your body and your mind. Your riding and whether you will reach your goals will be determined by how well you set yourself up for success now. People who are successful have worked on their mindset and have learned from resources which are available to all of us. It’s not just one book or one video. It is a daily decision to educate yourself, to listen, to read, learn and to keep yourself in shape – physically and mentally. Reflect on your dreams and define your goals, specify, plan and commit. Thus, wishful thinking becomes wishful creating.

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