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Stability Board


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This stability board has been designed to strengthen your deep muscles and improve your stability and balance on the horse.


The Stability Board is the perfect tool to strengthen your deep muscles, train your coordination skills and improve your balance. It’s the deep muscles that provide the stability needed in the saddle to allow you to relax and stay stable at the same time.

An innovative development

Our Stability Board is an innovative advancement of wobble boards and balance cushions. On the horse, the saddle and stirrups provide a solid contact surface for the rider. This is mimicked by the solid surface of our Stability Board. The disc underneath provides the desired instability.

  • Ideal for strengthening your deep muscles & improving your balance
  • By turning the disc and using the support ring, the level of difficulty can be altered
  • The solid surface provides a similar sensory input as the stir-ups on the horse
  • Includes a training card with 10 exercises for riders


Expected delivery time of approximately 10 – 14 days. Delivery is currently only possible within mainland Europe and Great Britain. We may be able to ship to other countries. Please send us an email and we will see what we can do!


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