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Rounded Back & Shoulders

13. July 2023

Let me say this upfront: on average, we spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving around. Our modern lifestyle negatively affects our posture. Because we spend so much time sitting – at work, at school, in the car – our muscles shorten, and the muscles of our core lack strength. An unhealthy posture then quickly becomes habitual.…

Korrekte Aufrichtung & feine Zügelführung: 3 Übungen zur Schulter-Stabilisierung

The Upright Upper Body & Light Rein Aids: 3 Exercises to Stabilize Your Shoulders

22. July 2022

“Upper body back, sit tall!” That’s a familiar instruction in riding lessons. After all, an upright, centered seat with correct ear-shoulder-hip-heel (ankle joint) alignment – one line that should be perpendicular to the ground – is necessary to give precise aids. That’s how the German FN manual describes it. However, achieving this perfect alignment isn’t as simple as it may…

DressurFit Blog

Toes pointing forwards

29. December 2021

Correct toe positioning is something many riders struggle with. Very often, everything looks great in walk, however once you go over to sitting trot or canter, or maybe if you need to put your leg on a little more to push your horse forwards, the toes rotate outwards. When it comes to toe position, it’s actually important to understand that…

Was tun bei verspannten Schultern und schmerzendem Nacken

What to do with tense shoulders and a sore neck?

29. September 2021

„Our posture, especially that of your upper spine, is crucial for good, pain-free shoulder function”, explains Sports Scientist Marcel Andrä. And here is why: A slouched posture stops your upper arms from moving freely in the shoulder joints. „Unfortunately, this is exactly the position we usually take when we are sitting – in the car, at the desk and sometimes…


Food & Nutrition: Healthy energy for riders

18. November 2020

As riders, we always ensure that the well-being and overall health of our horses is the best it can possibly be. An important aspect of which is to ensure that the horse receives the correct feed and nutrition in accordance with its training level. But what about the riders themselves? Their own dietary requirements are often overlooked and can be…

Rückenschmerzen im Sattel

Exercises to help improve Sciatica and back pain in riders

4. November 2020

“Back pain, especially in the lower lumbar area, is one of the most common ailments world-wide”, explains Fitness Coach Marcel Andrä. “Luckily, in 95 percent of all cases the back pain occurs due to a functional disorder or imbalance, rather than there being any structural damage. The most common reasons for getting back pain stems from a lack of exercise,…

DressurFit Blog - 3 Übungen für Dressurreiter

Three exercises every dressage rider should do

7. October 2020

As dressage riders, we want to be supple and flexible enough to go with the horse and allow the movements to flow through the horse’s body from the back to the front. At the same time, you need a strong core and sufficient stability in order to withstand any of the forces acting on your body, so you can sit…

Rückenschmerzen beim Reiten

3 exercises to prevent back pain

26. August 2020

It’s important to know your body and to look after it. As soon as your body can’t compensate anymore, tension and pain occur. To make sure you can enjoy horse riding over many years to come, be aware of any warning signals such as back pain, even if it’s not very severe yet. Targeted exercises can help you release tension…

Koordination im Sattel

Improved coordination in the saddle

The term „coordination“ comes from the Latin word – „ordinare“, which means “to put in an order, to regulate, to bring in a certain sequence”. Coordination is about phasing, assigning and linking movements and it has always a specific, mostly complex purpose. In sports, coordination is defined as the ability to use your senses, peripheral and central nervous system and…

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