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3 exercises to prevent back pain

It’s important to know your body and to look after it. As soon as your body can’t compensate anymore, tension and pain occur. To make sure you can enjoy horse riding over many years to come, be aware of any warning signals such as back pain, even if it’s not very severe yet. Targeted exercises can help you release tension and prevent injuries, so you can enjoy your sport long term and perform at your personal best.

In general, horse riding strengthens your core and is good for your back. That is, if you sit with correct upper body alignment, supple shoulders, a neutral head position looking forwards rather than down, and last but not least sitting on a horse that goes correctly lifting its back and letting you sit comfortably. However, reality does not always look like that – or at least not always straight from the very beginning. Also, lots of everyday activities put significant strain on your back, like working sat at a desk, many hours spent sitting in a car, lifting heavy objects, mucking out or carrying children, to only mention a few.

If you already experience tension or pain in your back, it becomes even harder to sit correctly in the saddle and to remain supple. Here are three simple exercises that will help you get rid of tension and prevent back pain in order to improve your posture on the horse.


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