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The effective Warm-Up

The best warm-up exercises from Youngster to Grand Prix horse
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A good warm-up is one of the most important elements of the training, as it allows us to prepare our horses optimally for the subsequent working phase. It’s key to achieving best training results and setting yourselves up for success. The exact structure of the warm-up depends on the horse’s level of training and the way he feels on a given day.

In this course, we’ll show you what’s important to us during the warm-up with four different horses. You will learn how we deal with typical challenges in the training and how we build the foundation for a healthy carriage, balance and more movement and expression.

You can download the exercises and training tips from the videos as a PDF or save it on your smartphone to have it handy when you go to the barn. The reflections with the videos are helping you to analyze your own training, find points to focus on and write down questions for the next Online Coaching with Jessica and Benjamin.

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