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Exercises to help improve Sciatica and back pain in riders

4. November 2020

“Back pain, especially in the lower lumbar area, is one of the most common ailments world-wide”, explains Fitness Coach Marcel Andrä. “Luckily, in 95 percent of all cases the back pain occurs due to a functional disorder or imbalance, rather than there being any structural damage. The most common reasons for getting back pain stems from a lack of exercise,…

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3 exercises to prevent back pain

26. August 2020

It’s important to know your body and to look after it. As soon as your body can’t compensate anymore, tension and pain occur. To make sure you can enjoy horse riding over many years to come, be aware of any warning signals such as back pain, even if it’s not very severe yet. Targeted exercises can help you release tension…

How a Desk Job Affects Your Riding

Having a desk job, sitting all day, is generally very unhealthy – not just for equestrians. That’s because our bodies weren’t made for sitting. “Sitting is the new smoking.” Fitness coach Marcel Andrä is on point with this statement. He explains what he means with this simple example: Someone has a classic desk job and starts their day having breakfast…

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