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Online Masterclass: The Pirouette


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The basic preparatory work for the pirouette is key to good dressage training. Hardly anything is better suited to build muscle, train the ability to collect and improve the quality of the canter.


The canter pirouette is a crown jewel among the upper-level movements. It helps develop coordination, carrying power, and engagement. The horse elevates the forehand and appears noble. For our horses to ultimately be able to perform the pirouette easily and playfully, we break it down into its separate components and work on them bit by bit over the course of several years. In this course, we’ll demonstrate how we prepare the canter with our young horses and what we work on at which level of training to be able to ride a correct canter pirouette in the end.

What you'll get
  • More than 70 minutes of videos
  • Training sessions with four different horses – from youngster to Grand Prix horse
  • Our favorite movements, warm-up exercises, and mental images in a downloadable PDF
  • Reflection questionnaires for your own training
  • Tips and coaching for challenging training situations
Lifelong access

You’ll get lifelong access to the videos, training materials, and reflection questionnaires, so that you can keep coming back to them to improve and re-assess your training. After purchase, the online masterclass will automatically appear on your dashboard.

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