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DressurFit® Membership

180,00 €


Olympic Gold Medalist Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and her brother Benjamin Werndl, guide you through their fitness programme developed specifically for riders of any level and ability. The DressurFit® membership begins with our 12-week programme, which helps you identify your own individual strengths, weaknesses and imbalances and allows you to track your development over three advancing levels. Train just like the professionals and reach your goals!

The DressurFit® Programme includes:

  • Personal Fitness Tests & individual, corrective exercises
  • Workouts & Yoga specifically for riders
  • Neuro-athletic drills for riders
  • Exclusive LIVE trainings with Team Aubi
  • DressurFit® Advanced after completion of the 12-week programme
  • Support by our & Performance Coach Marcel Andrä

6 Months Access

Holiday, sickness, or work – ‘life’ can sometimes get in the way of riding and fitness. That’s why we let you complete the 12-week DressurFit® programme over a full 6 months. At the end of the initial 12-weeks, we give you a further 3 months access to the complete DressurFit® Online Gym. This lets you put together and plan your very own personalised training plan – one that works best for you and your daily routine. We regularly top-up the Online Gym with new content – workouts, yoga videos and other exercises. Simply decide how to train and when to train.

DressurFit® Club-Membership

You love the progress you have made and want to stay fit? No problem – at the end of the 6-months access to the programme, we give you the opportunity to be part of our team by becoming a member of our exclusive DressurFit® Club. The price is just 12€ per month. Keep unlimited access to all the exercises and content you have completed so far and receive additional new performance tests, advanced corrective exercises and exclusive training content and input from Jessica, Benjamin and Marcel.

Access & Cancellation

The 12-week programme is made accessible to you for a full 6 months and for a one-time payment of 180€. After that, you will automatically become an exclusive Club-Member for only 12€ per month. You can cancel your Club Membership at any time.

Training Equipment

We have put together a selection of training equipment, we find particularly useful. To maximise the efficiency and intensity of your workouts and homework exercises, we recommend that equipment be used as and where recommended. All our DressurFit® branded equipment can be purchased in our online Shop. If you already own similar equipment, feel free to use that.

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