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DressurFit® Re-Entry

12,00  / month

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Alternatively, choose the Club Membership for only 36€ per month to receive access to the entire DressurFit® Programme as well as all our Dressage Masterclasses and Online-Coachings.

Open Club membership

Have you been a Member in the past? As a previous Member you can re-join the DressurFit® programme at any time on a flexible monthly payment scheme. Receive full access to the DressurFit® programme and all the latest video additions, start new fitness tests and take your riding to the next level.


A huge congratulations! You’ve made it through the initial 12-week programme. Great work! Re-join now to continue your training and further advance your rider fitness. As a previous Member you can re-join the DressurFit® programme at any time to regain unlimited access to all the latest training content.

The DressurFit® Programme includes:

  • DressurFit® Advanced
  • Personal Fitness Tests & new corrective exercises
  • New Workouts & Yoga specifically for riders
  • Neuro-athletic drills for riders
  • Exclusive LIVE trainings with Team Aubi
  • Support by our & Performance Coach Marcel Andrä
Access & Cancellation Policy

Your Membership is a monthly subscription and will continue for as long as you like, helping you to stay fit long-term. You can easily cancel your Membership online at any time.

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