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Gift Card


This is the perfect gift for all your horsey friends! Simply choose the value of the card. Upon purchase, we will send you the Gift Card by post. Our Gift Cards are redeemable for:

  • the DressurFit® Membership
  • any of the Aubenhausen Academy Modules
  • any of our online shop products incl. our DressurFit® equipment

Remaining balance

Any remaining balance left outstanding on the gift card, can be applied to any subsequent orders. That way, we’ll make sure your gift card doesn’t lose its original value.

Made from compostable SicoEco material

Our gift cards are made of eco-friendly SicoEco material, which allows them to be biologically degraded under the right conditions.

Shipment & digital card

Expected delivery time of approximately 10 – 14 days. Delivery is currently only possible within mainland Europe. If you require the gift card sooner, you can order one of our eGift Cards instead to receive the voucher code and a printable pdf by email straight away.

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