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Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring

28. February 2023

Spring is in the air. Soon it’ll be warmer; and we’ll be able to train outdoors more often. Many of us have been working exclusively in an indoor arena for a few months; and those walls are becoming pretty boring. Raphael's tip for more variety in your daily training To avoid getting indoor-sour, Aubenhausen rider Raphael Netz regularly takes his…


The Deep Seat

25. January 2023

Flying down the long side at an extended canter, united as one, the motion of horse and rider inextricably intertwined. Riding transitions and movements with nearly invisible aids requires a supple, flexible, and stable seat. Mainly, it takes a deep seat to be able to optimally feel the horse and influence the frame and movement at all times. “A deep…

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Toes pointing forwards

29. December 2021

Correct toe positioning is something many riders struggle with. Very often, everything looks great in walk, however once you go over to sitting trot or canter, or maybe if you need to put your leg on a little more to push your horse forwards, the toes rotate outwards. When it comes to toe position, it’s actually important to understand that…

Balance: The Essence of Good Riding

28. August 2019

The goal of under saddle training is to bring the horse into balance in motion, at the halt, and in the different movements. The prerequisite for accomplishing this is a rider who is balanced in the saddle him- or herself. Jessica von Bredow-Werndl explains: „It is important to me to be able to optimally sit all my horses so they…

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