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Im Hier und Jetzt - Blogbeitrag – Header

In the Here & Now

12. April 2024

In our everyday lives, we are flooded with stimuli. Our mind is full of thoughts, to-do lists, and schedules. That makes it difficult to solely focus on one thing. When showing your horse, the situation is a bit different, but the problem is often the same: a lack of focus. The expectations we set for ourselves and the expectations of…

Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring

28. February 2023

Spring is in the air. Soon it’ll be warmer; and we’ll be able to train outdoors more often. Many of us have been working exclusively in an indoor arena for a few months; and those walls are becoming pretty boring. Raphael's tip for more variety in your daily training To avoid getting indoor-sour, Aubenhausen rider Raphael Netz regularly takes his…

Aubenhausen Club Blog Optimales Training für den Turnierstart

Perfect training for the Start of the Competition Season

6. April 2022

For many the start of the competition season is imminent. The winter break is a good opportunity to consolidate the basics and to work on individual challenges. But what’s the best way to train if the first competition is imminent? “Basically not much changes in the work on the basics,” emphasises Benjamin. "I’m working on getting the horse balanced and…

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