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Was tun bei verspannten Schultern und schmerzendem Nacken

What to do with tense shoulders and a sore neck?

29. September 2021

„Our posture, especially that of your upper spine, is crucial for good, pain-free shoulder function”, explains Sports Scientist Marcel Andrä. And here is why: A slouched posture stops your upper arms from moving freely in the shoulder joints. „Unfortunately, this is exactly the position we usually take when we are sitting – in the car, at the desk and sometimes…

Six principles of successful sportspeople

What do successful athletes do differently? How much of it is talent? What external factors are involved and how important is the correct mindset for success? Leading experts and coaches around the world repeatedly come to the same conclusions on these questions: personal success depends on a huge extend on ourselves. And that’s great news, if you think about it!…

Training mit stürmischen oder phlegmatischen Pferden

How to best train hot or lazy horses

12. March 2021

Every horse is different. There are the hot, explosive types while other horses are very laid back and sometimes not very motivated to work. Generally, you can’t fundamentally change your horse’s basic personality. However, you can certainly find the best way for you and your horse to work together and to create a positive training experience for both you and…


Food & Nutrition: Healthy energy for riders

18. November 2020

As riders, we always ensure that the well-being and overall health of our horses is the best it can possibly be. An important aspect of which is to ensure that the horse receives the correct feed and nutrition in accordance with its training level. But what about the riders themselves? Their own dietary requirements are often overlooked and can be…

Rückenschmerzen im Sattel

Exercises to help improve Sciatica and back pain in riders

4. November 2020

“Back pain, especially in the lower lumbar area, is one of the most common ailments world-wide”, explains Fitness Coach Marcel Andrä. “Luckily, in 95 percent of all cases the back pain occurs due to a functional disorder or imbalance, rather than there being any structural damage. The most common reasons for getting back pain stems from a lack of exercise,…

How to improve your sitting trot

21. October 2020

The sitting trot can be quite a challenge, especially if your horse has a lot of movement or does not quite use its back correctly yet. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: If your horse does not use its back correctly, it will be a lot harder for the rider to sit quietly. And if the rider…

DressurFit Blog - 3 Übungen für Dressurreiter

Three exercises every dressage rider should do

7. October 2020

As dressage riders, we want to be supple and flexible enough to go with the horse and allow the movements to flow through the horse’s body from the back to the front. At the same time, you need a strong core and sufficient stability in order to withstand any of the forces acting on your body, so you can sit…

Negative Erfahrungen loslassen

Letting go of negative experiences

3. October 2020

We all experience negative situations, failures or disappointments in our lives – some more difficult to deal with than others. Horse riding is no exception. Bad scores at a show, any incident of falling off or getting hurt or people talking behind your back are just a few examples, that may leave you feeling scared or angry. And sometimes these…

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