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Keep your bucket full! How to recharge your batteries.

To achieve your goals and to better cope with your life’s challenges, you need energy. Your „batteries“ do not necessarily always have to be fully charged, but we need them at a good level to perform. So it makes sense to invest some time into finding out what helps you personally to recharge your batteries and gain more energy. Energy is the currency of life: If we are healthy and happy, we feel empowered and like we can conquer the world and achieve everything we want. We are more patient and focussed. In contrast, if we are tired and stressed, all goals seem so much more difficult to achieve, we are exhausted and have no motivation to tackle new challenges.

James Clear compares our energy levels with a bucket full of water. There are things that fill this bucket and there are things that drain it. The key is to never let the water level in the bucket get too low. There are things in life that can drain us. Many daily tasks, work stress, a busy life-style drain our energy. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to yourself, your physical and mental condition and your energy levels.

How full is your bucket?

If you notice your energy getting low, make sure to take the time to do things that will help you recharge your batteries. This may be something different for everyone: rest, sleep, good food, meditation, laughter, me-time, nature, doing sports and of course spending time with your horse. Horses can give us so much. They enable us to switch off and relax. Here is an interesting fun fact: horse riding has even been shown to reduce stress hormones and increase your levels of oxytocin, the “love-hormone”, which contributes to relaxation, trust and happiness (Sanches et al, 2014).

To keep your energy levels high, it helps to think positive. Don’t get hung up on what’s going wrong. Instead try to focus on the good things. Avoiding negative media and reducing your social media time can also help increase your energy. Also, try to help others to charge their batteries and give them positive energy. This will automatically come back to you and make you more positive – like a boomerang.

I make sure to spend quality time with my family and take regular short holidays together. For our horses, we take time for hacks in the forest, sometimes galloping on the racetrack or just wellness and walking – to spend some fun time with them. Of course, I don’t always manage to spend my day in a way that keeps my energy levels high”, explains Jessica, „but I try not to rush from one appointment to the next. It helps me to organise my days the evening bevor and to plan enough time for everything. I also try to have a power nap at lunchtime, if possible. The important thing for me is to be aware and to allow myself to breathe a few minutes in between. Being mindful and aware of the present moment also gives me energy.

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