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Six principles of successful sportspeople

What do successful athletes do differently? How much of it is talent? What external factors are involved and how important is the correct mindset for success? Leading experts and coaches around the world repeatedly come to the same conclusions on these questions: personal success depends on a huge extend on ourselves. And that’s great news, if you think about it! Because regardless of external factors and life circumstances, we can always decide to work on ourselves and get closer to achieving our personal dreams and goals.

Motivation, determination, discipline, willingness to learn and social skills are key characteristics for success. Successful sportspeople aren’t superheroes with special powers, but they follow certain principles when approaching their goals:

Be confident

To be successful you need to have or acquire a certain amount of self-confidence. Only if you are at peace with yourself can you unfold your full potential.

„When working with horses, it’s so important to be at peace with yourself. When preparing for a competition, I always think about how grateful I am towards my horses and I remind myself that I can’t do any more than trying to do my best,“ says Jessica.

Stay focused

Top athletes can ignore their environment and focus 100% on their project and the present moment. They regularly reflect on what motivates them and what steps take them closer to achieving their goal.

Shut up and ride,“ says Raphael Netz smiling. „ Learning not to get distracted, letting negative things bounce off me and really focus on what’s important now, has really helped me a lot.“

Learn to say no

Successful athletes know what they want and what they don’t want. You can only unfold your full potential when you learn to say “no” to things that aren’t good for you and “yes” to the things that help you progress.

Choose the right environment

Surround yourself with the right people. Trainers and friends that create the right incentives, look in the same direction, share the same visions and gives constructive criticism help you grow and achieve your goals.

„The journey is the reward. When training our horses, we focus not only on success or the end goal, but above all on the development of each horse and rider. If you concentrate on personal development and progression, the success will automatically follow,“ explains Benjamin.

Make a plan

A precise plan of actions and good time management are important in order not to get stressed, miss appointments or lack free quality time for regeneration – which is just as important for long lasting success as the training itself. Top athletes analyze their training, their progress and their mistakes. Because success is a process – visualizing, good planning and reflecting accelerate this process.

Step out of your comfort zone

You only get better when you accept challenges, even if they make you feel uncomfortable at first. At the end of the day, you can only progress and grow, if you step out of your comfort zone and start working on yourself.

Accept mistakes

Setbacks and failure are integral parts of the journey to success. Try to see a mistake as an opportunity to learn and to develop. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t let them get to you or demotivate you.

„When training our horses, we focus on the positive things. And making mistakes is simply part of the process. If you try to avoid mistakes at all costs or are afraid of making mistakes, you always prevent opportunities and further development,“ says Benjamin.

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