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How to keep your horse straight?

9. March 2022

Most horses are naturally crooked – some a little more, others a little less. This is comparable to the right- and left-handedness in humans. As a rider, you can easily notice this, for example, if the hindquarters don’t stay on the outside track, if the horse leans on one shoulder or if the rein connection is uneven. The physical causes…

Six principles of successful sportspeople

What do successful athletes do differently? How much of it is talent? What external factors are involved and how important is the correct mindset for success? Leading experts and coaches around the world repeatedly come to the same conclusions on these questions: personal success depends on a huge extend on ourselves. And that’s great news, if you think about it!…

Quiet Hands: 3 Exercises for Independent Rein Aids

25. September 2019

The rider should be able to give soft rein aids at any time, regardless of the bit s/he has chosen, or whether there are two or four reins: because the rider is holding the horse’s sensitive mouth in his hands. There are five types of rein aids: asking, yielding, non-allowing, supporting, and sideways-guiding. The Lynchpin of the Rider’s Seat That…

Balance: The Essence of Good Riding

28. August 2019

The goal of under saddle training is to bring the horse into balance in motion, at the halt, and in the different movements. The prerequisite for accomplishing this is a rider who is balanced in the saddle him- or herself. Jessica von Bredow-Werndl explains: „It is important to me to be able to optimally sit all my horses so they…

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