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Aubenhausen Club Blog

Riding spooky horses at a show

2. February 2022

A spooky horse is a challenge for every rider – especially when you are so busy calming down your horse at a show that you don’t actually get to ride and show your skills. This calls for good nerves, the ability to understand your horse ... and a well thought-out approach. Raphael Netz rides many different horses every day. The…

Aubenhausen Club Blog

If you think you can’t do it …

1. December 2021

take a few minutes ... think about your abilities ... focus on something positive. In any situation, you can find something positive or something you can change or learn from. Henry Ford once said: „Whether you believe that you can do something or not – you are right.“ In other words, if you think that you will fail, that you…

Aubenhausen Club Blog

Keep your bucket full! How to recharge your batteries.

6. November 2021

To achieve your goals and to better cope with your life’s challenges, you need energy. Your „batteries“ do not necessarily always have to be fully charged, but we need them at a good level to perform. So it makes sense to invest some time into finding out what helps you personally to recharge your batteries and gain more energy. Energy…

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