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A Skillful Approach to Dealing with Setbacks

21. August 2019

Acknowledging these two facts when considering how to deal with setbacks is crucial: Firstly, all of us – no matter how successful, smart, and self-confident – experience setbacks. Secondly, setbacks are not automatically bad. The idea is not to avoid setbacks but to deal with them skillfully. The first important step is to accept the setback and deal with it…

Focus and Being Present While Riding: What’s Important, and How Can I Practice That?

Day in and day out, we are exposed to a virtually limitless barrage of – mostly inconsequential – information. “That’s why clarity is everything,” Benjamin emphasizes. “You have to make space in your mind to be receptive to new input.” There are several ways of clearing your head: “Personally, I find that riding itself brings me clarity, I am psychologically…

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